What is Asterixfx.com?

Asterixfx is a private limited company, registered in United Kingdoms from December 2017, Asterixfx provides financial services to its customers and is well known on the forex multicurrency market.

How to get register with company.com?

Registering with company.com is like 1-2-3 method. Click on signup page, fill up the form and hit submit. That's it!

How secure is Asterixfx.com?

Asterixfx is fully licensed and fully regulated organization and is super secure.

How can Asterixfx benefit its customers?

Asterixfx has handled the high volatility of forex market, and has benefitted them providing portfolio management services, investment and trading guidance, and is now ready to help them reap more benefits with Cryptocurrencies.

What if we forgot the password details of our account?

You can recover your password through password recovery page located in login page. Your password will be sent to your registered email address.

Why to invest in Cryptocurrencies with ASTERIXFX?

Cryptocurrencies are emerging as one of the best investment options existing on the planet, huge profit margins in short span of time to this extent is only possible with the power of Cryptocurrencies, but since it is a highly volatile market you need skilled and experienced hands to take care of your investment, Asterixfx provides you with the best returns possible for your investment in Cryptocurrencies.

How do we know our shares growth?

Share holders can check their revenue growth into their company dashboard. Shares revenue page located at Share trend section.

How to edit profile in case of any mistake?

Our users can change their profile through edit profile section located at account setting section.

What is security password & how do we get it?

At the time of registration user entered password stored as login and security password both. User can change their security password from their dashboard's

How to recover security password?

Users can recover the security password from their dashboard. Email containing password details will be sent to their registered email address

Do we get benefit for referring new share holders?

Yes. we provides an unique business model for each users and share holders to earn additional benefits on their hard works.

How can we track our referred share holders?

Our users have Growth charts and Market trend section for detailed statement.

Whats the process to buy shares?

Our users need to upload bitcoins to there stock balance. Those stock balance can be used to buy shares or can even transfer those balance to other user or even you can use the balance to buy shares for your team mates from your own account.


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